• Rubber Stamper

    we have everything you need, not just for creating art but also for supplying your office with all you need

  • Rubber Stamper

    we have everything you need, not just for creating art but also for supplying your office with all you need

  • Rubber Stamper

    we have everything you need, not just for creating art but also for supplying your office with all you need

Who We Are

Sonny Lambert is the CEO of Rubber Stamper Art & Craft Supplies and established it himself back in 2008. Since then the company has grown in immense success, supplying top wedding bands and jewelry stores with equipment throughout the US. The main products we distribute are band equipment, products for crafting jewelry and supplies for painters. Having been in the business many years, we have built up a reputation as one of the best in the business. Most of our distribution throughout the US is wholesale but in our main location in New Mexico, we have a small drop in store if you just need any single items.

Our team consists of fleet managers, IT experts, couriers, admin and many more. With over 50 employees, we know we have the skilled workforce to take our enterprise to the next level. Our next main objective would be to distribute wholesale globally and have a few international connections in the pipeline already. We are all self-obsessed with anything art related and most of our workers have a keen interest and background in this area. For further information on any of our products or services, please contact our sales team today.

Visit us at Rubber Stamper and get all those small things that will make a difference in your work!

What You Can Find in an Art Supplies Store

Many people have a hobby, not just about collecting stamps and different items, but about creating something beautiful through different techniques or using different things. Wondering where they shop for items? It’s easy actually because an art and office supply store has almost all those items that they need for their art. Here’s what you can find in such a store, no matter if it’s online or offline.

For Plastic Art

There are plenty of items that you’ll find in this section, and, mostly, those who like to paint visit this area. You’ll find here everything you need from painting colors, special brushes, painting accessories (like the painting palette knife), mediums, varnishes, and oils. Also, you’ll find canvases, special supports, primers for painting and easels.

For those who like to create sculptures, you’ll find the different items that you need for sculpting and modeling, but also pigments for both painting colors and ceramics.

Some people like to work in art restoration, so this is a section where they’ll find special colors for restoring paintings, restoration additives, special pigments for icons or frescoes, and so on.

Art & Hobby

For those who just have simple hobbies, the art & hobby section is what they need. What you’ll find here can help you create beautiful items.

You’ll find colors for painting different items, for coloring ceramic, for making beautiful stained glass, for coloring textiles or wood. There are also metallic or pearl colors, glitter or metallic paste and other items that add different touches to your items.

The different polymer clay can help you create beautiful items by simply molding it in different shapes (as there are plenty of colors to choose from), or you can use modeling paste for a similar result.

If you’ve ever wondered about the decoupage technique – this is the area where you can find everything you need. The special glue will help you stick the part of a napkin that you’ve chosen; while the varnish will help you give it shine and durability. All you’ll have to do is choose an item to decorate – a small wooden box or something made from cardboard. You can also have several napkins with different models on it (flowers or images) and split its layers until you only get the one with the image. Cut it smoothly and use the glue to stick it to the item of your choice. Once the glue is dried, you can apply two layers of clear varnish. It’s very easy, indeed.

Office Stationery

People use plenty of items at work, and their office generally needs improving with different stationery. This kind of store is also the place for getting what you need, like binder bars, letter clips, jute twine, different types of staplers and staples, plastic protection sheets or laminators.

All this was just an overview of what you can find, but to get a better idea, just visit such a store and you’ll see the variety that they have to offer.



How to Find a Good Art Supply Store

Did you imagine that artists are just those people who make oil paintings and earn a lot of money from that activity? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong, because everyone can be an artist if there’s something they like doing – a beautiful item, a painting or an object.

Everything starts with a hobby, it’s true, but in time, it can turn into a real passion, and being good at something can make you a real artist. We’re talking here about painting, molding, using different techniques – like the decoupage technique, creating masks, decorating wooden items and so on.

Because for any of these activities you’ll need different supplies, you won’t find them in any store. That’s why you need to have access to a good art supply store that can offer you anything you need.

Look Online

Online should be your first choice in searching for an art supply store because the internet is a wide resource for online and brick and mortar stores. You’ll find the stores that are in your area, complete with address and working schedule, but you’ll also find the stores that make deliveries in your area – store from your country or from around the world.

The First Results

Whenever you use the internet, check out the results from the first page. Those are the best stores that you can use for ordering, as they have a bigger visibility online. Apart from this, those are the ones that people use frequently for making orders.

Check Out the Store

If it’s possible, check out the brick & mortar store, especially if it’s in your area. Not only will you be able to see the real items and not just some photos, but you’ll also be able to talk to the seller in person and ask questions.

Online Ordering

If it’s not possible to check the store for real, do online shopping. It’s also easier, it helps you save a lot of time and you get the items directly at your doorstep. However, before placing the orders check the store to see great reviews, and also the item that you want to buy. Looking online can take just a few minutes and you’ll find all the info that you want on both of them.

In the end, make sure you get exactly what you need – returning an item can be harder, not just because it takes longer but also because the stores have strict policies about this.

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We’re here to offer you a wide supply of the things you need, a great selection of art items, office stationery and specific corporate design equipment. All you have to do is pay us a visit at Rubber Stamper, choose what you want and shop at our online store!

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